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breastfeeding benefits for your newborn baby toddler by Women and Baby Care

breastfeeding benefits for newborn baby toddler by

Women and Baby Care

Breastfeeding Benefits for your baby toddler

A Video on Breastfeeding benefits on YouTube: Health baby tips In this video we will learn about the top breast feeding benefits for your baby

00:00:42649 Number one, Breast milk is easily digested by the new born
00:01:12939 Number two breast milk contains all the ingredients in the right proportion
00:01:32280 Number three breast feeding a toddler Helps in the easy absorption of iron and zinc which are required for normal growth
00:01:39460 Number four, breast feeding transmits many substances which protect the new born against respiratory and gastro- intestinal infections
00:01:47350 Number five, Breast feeding Decreases incidence of food allergies
00:02:11870 Number Six , breast feeding Helps in the synapses of neurons thereby helps in brain development07
00:02:35660 Number Seven, Breast milk is Rich in anti-bodies and thus helps in building immunity
00:03:00070 Number Eight, breastfeeding Lowers risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
00:03:16720 Last Number Nine, Sucking at the best helps in proper development of teeth and speech

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