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Breastfeeding benefits for nursing mother by Women and Baby Care

Breastfeeding benefits for nursing mothers by Women

and Baby Care




hello and welcome to yet another video of women and babycare the topic for this video is top breastfeeding benefits for nursing mothers in previous video we have seen the breastfeeding benefits for your baby. While in this video we will learn advantages of breastfeeding for mothers.

00:00:52820 the first and foremost benefit of breastfeeding is that it enhances bonding between mother and baby
breastfeeding creates a wonderful bond between mother and baby in a way that cannot be matched by bottle feeding for
working mothers breastfeeding is a great way to maintain this special closeness to their baby.

00:01:13340 number two breastfeeding cause your uterus to contract faster
breastfeeding immediately following delivery causes the uterus to contract lessening the risk of postpartum hemorrhage each time
you breastfeed your baby it releases a surge of hormones which help your uterus to contract and shrink more quickly to its pre pregnant size

Breastfeeding benefits for nursing mothers

00:01:39379 number three
breastfeeding reduces the risk of certain cancers
breastfeeding mothers are less likely to develop premenopausal breast cancer ovarian uterine and cervical cancers

00:01:56820 number four
breastfeeding helps lose the weight gained as lactation is a calorie burning exercise
a nursing mother can lose much of her pregnancy weight faster than if she were bottle feeding her baby breastfeeding requires an additional five hundred calories per day

00:02:13560 number five
breastfeeding reduces the risk of anemia
the delayed return of your periods although a benefit in itself has the additional benefit of reducing the
risk of anemia because your iron stores are reserved while you are not menstruating

00:02:31910 number six
breastfeeding is a natural stress reducer
breastfeeding can help you to relax the hormone prolactin which is released during nursing promote the
feeling of relaxation and well-being

00:02:47480 number seven
breastfeeding decreased the risk of osteoporosis osteoporosis
a loss of bone tissue occurs less often in women who breastfed osteoporosis may cause one out of every three women over the age of 50
years to experience a hip fracture in their lifetime

00:03:09090 and last but not the least number eight
breast feeding is convenient and inexpensive
breast milk is always ready to use at the perfect temperature there are no bottles to sterilize and no formula to buy measure
and mix and also breast milk is free bottle feeding can become expensive the cost of infant formula alone for twelve months is approximately $1,000 to $1,200
add to this the cost of bottles nipples and sterilizing equipment


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