9 Healthy Snacks That You Can Make in Less Than 15 Minutes

Unless you work at Google, I’m going to guess that your office snack situation is far from ideal, from a health standpoint. After all, bags on bags of chips, candy and cookies do not a healthy body make.

intro-attitudebeautytips-easy-snack-bar-recipesAnd while I’m not knocking the protein and granola bars you can buy at the grocery store, a lot of times they’re packed with extra ingredients that you can’t pronounce, or they use extra sugar to make them taste better (okay, maybe I am knocking them a little). Not to mention, a snack bar a day can get pricey.

That’s why these DIY options are such life-savers. You can prep each granola bar, snack bar and protein bar recipes in 15 minutes or less. Even better: Most of them don’t require firing up the oven.

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