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17 Stiletto Nails That Will Take Your Manicure to the Next Level

Stiletto nails — the long, pointy nails that overtook our Instgram feeds seemingly overnight — may seem impractical to many a manicure enthusiast. Sure, the pointed nails may render everyday tasks like texting impossible, but just like their namesake the stiletto heel, stiletto nails offer some surprising benefits. For starters, sleek-and-slender stiletto nails elongate the fingers, as well as the nail beds — giving manicurists more room to create amazing stiletto nail designs. And whether you decide to go with minimalist white or black stiletto nails or more over-the-top pointy nail designs, one thing is for sure: razor-sharp stiletto nails add instant sex appeal to any manicure.


So, whether you’re comfortable rocking intense, Kylie Jenner-style stiletto nails or are more interested in experimenting with short stiletto nails, we’ve gathered an array of looks featuring everything from rhinestone adornments to graphic prints to inspire your next manicure.

Here, 17 stiletto nail designs that will have you and your nails looking on point.

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